BEGINING F# Tutorial with visual studio 2010 beta 2

hi, all u who r interested to learn f# 1.0 (f# 2.0 is already available) welcome here. First u already know what is F# if not can read here.

Now about editor, from Microsoft site u can easily download necessary sdk for f#, but here i  am using visual studio 2010 as editor.

first open vs200 click file->new project-> visual f#-> f# application name it as u wish, then create the project.

From solution explorer u got program.fs  . Open it. fs used as extension for F-SHARP

write the below code

printfn "Hello World"

and then execute .

u will got a console output screen where hello word in screen.

but for the coder who did not want to use vs 10 for them ,write the code in text file name it “test” save with js extension and then write following command in dos

C:\test> fsc test.fs

C:\test> test.exe

Hello World


congratulation .u r now a f# coder, next we will do more complex code and learn fundamental of f#.

About kishor datta gupta

Graduate Research Assistant at University of Memphis Software Engineer at Silicon Orchard LTD. Former Research Assistant at Lamar University Former Software Engineer at Samsung R&D Institute Bangladesh Studies Ph.D. Computer Science at University of Memphis Studied Masters of Science in Computer Sciences at Lamar University Studied BSC in CSE at Khulna University of Engineering and Technology Studied HSC (completed) at Chittagang college 04-06 Studied High school at ST. Placid's High School'04 Studied Junior Secondary School at Saint Mary's School Lives in Memphis, Tennessee
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