Develop a winfrom designer in c# using dynamic windows control (part 1)

My target is to create a software where a user can design a winfrom  with live control. like a very tiny version of visual studio, dreamweaver, net beans from designer etc where user can change every properties of these control in dynamic time. It gives a gr8 deal to learn c# faster. So before start i make the analysis how i should work. so my work flow diagram will be

and about the option i follow another diagram like below

before i start about how the programming done see how it became and the feature i have to add

and the feature which are added to click right mouse button on a live control

after user input

the feature which are added to click left mouse button of a live control

these are the features i add my software, the important c# win form operation i have to learn here is

  • drag and drop
  • dynamic array of control
  • dynamic events for controls
  • dynamic properties of control

So i think this post give u enough idea what process i m going to use and what i want to do. Next post i will start explaining the programming code.

About kishor datta gupta

Graduate Research Assistant at University of Memphis Software Engineer at Silicon Orchard LTD. Former Research Assistant at Lamar University Former Software Engineer at Samsung R&D Institute Bangladesh Studies Ph.D. Computer Science at University of Memphis Studied Masters of Science in Computer Sciences at Lamar University Studied BSC in CSE at Khulna University of Engineering and Technology Studied HSC (completed) at Chittagang college 04-06 Studied High school at ST. Placid's High School'04 Studied Junior Secondary School at Saint Mary's School Lives in Memphis, Tennessee
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3 Responses to Develop a winfrom designer in c# using dynamic windows control (part 1)

  1. Zeeshan says:

    U didn’t post about the programming of this winform desiigner application..Plz send me the code if u have done it or details about how u were going to do it..
    Thank You

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