C# binary tree operation in winform with inorder, preorder and postorder traversal

In c# for a complete binary tree operation i made a winform application like below here u can use all type of binary operation like

  • search
  • add
  • delete
  • show
  • preorder show
  • inorder show
  • postorder show

For download source code  click here

In code project i find article on binary tree. but it has not all functions i wanted so i modified it  make it a perfect winform application with new functions.
the main class for binary tree i use their classes thanks to Herbert Sauro
public class TTreeNode
public string name;
public double value;
public TTreeNode left, right;
// Constructor to create a single node
public TTreeNode(string name, double d)
this.name = name;
value = d;
left = null;
right = null;

And also i use his TBinarySTree class, i change some of functions return type and add three new functions for different type of tree traversal.

 static string s = String.Empty;
 static string si= String.Empty;
 static string sp = String.Empty;
//preorder travers
public void pree(TTreeNode node)
if (node!=null)
s = s + " " + node.value.ToString();
//postorder travers
public void postop(TTreeNode node)
if (node != null)
si = si + " " + node.value.ToString();
//inorder travers
public void inn(TTreeNode node)
if (node != null)
sp = sp + " " + node.value.ToString();

public void strclr() {
s = String.Empty;
si= String.Empty;
sp = String.Empty;

for sourcecode click here


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